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Whimsical and Colourful birdhouses for your consideration.

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Caprize Segall

My Recycled Dreams Boutique Birdhouses

Hi my name is Caprize Segall and I am a Texan who moved to Canada to be with my Love back in 2011. Before moving to Canada, I was a full time Ranch Manager with a passion for gardening and flowers. When I arrived in Canada I had to figure out how to fill my time and quickly realized there was such a huge handcrafted community I was surrounded by and just fell in love with all things recycled! I started repurposing items that most people saw as trash like creating bird feeders out of crystal bowls, vanity cabinets out of old windows, small wooden trays, boxes, and birdhouses out of scrape wood I found laying around and old door knobs. I went to craft shows and found that my birdhouses were the crowd favorite and demand was pulling me that direction. Slowly I've grown as an artist to where I am today. Still growing cannot wait to show you more.

Located in Iroquois, Ontario, Canada.

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